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Downtown Bellevue Network started in May 2007 with the goal to create a sense of community for those who live, work, and play in Downtown Bellevue. We are the primary lifestyle news source providing up-to-date information on downtown Bellevue’s latest happenings. Downtown Bellevue Network is the only website that exclusively serves the niche Downtown Bellevue community. As a result our content is highly targeted. Some of the topics we closely cover include real estate, entertainment, restaurants, shopping, arts, business, nightlife, transportation and more. We view our advertisers as partners and are always looking for new innovative ways to partner and highlight companies to our strong network of readers. Site Stats - We have highly targeted traffic interested in downtown Bellevue: 50,000 average page views per month - Our visitors are loyal: 50% of traffic are return visitors (not via a search engine or other site referral) - We rank highly in “downtown Bellevue” organic search results: Over 36% of users are referred from organic search engine searches - Our followers are social: We have over 15,000 followers via social
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