About Bite Me! Inc and Friday's Cookies

Bite Me! Inc. is a small artisan bakery in Lakewood, WA, that makes all natural whole wheat shortbread cookies. Each cookie is handcrafted, topped with naturally colored frosting, and made with only the finest ingredients. The difference is clear in the taste.

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Bite Me Inc and Friday's Cookies

3827 100th Street SW

Suite E

Lakewood, Washington 98499

United States

Food & Drink Chocolates, Cookies & Cakes
Bite Me Inc

Bite Me! is a Tacoma, WA based cookie bakery. Our Whole Wheat shortbread is made with all natural ingredients, giving these treats a sweet and nutty flavor. These crowd pleasers are eye catching and t...

Food & Drink Chocolates, Cookies & Cakes
Food & Drink Chocolates, Cookies & Cakes
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I buy their items in the marketplace and email special instructions, otherwise it will be shipped to our office. I use them as referral gifts for clients. Super easy to use BizX.