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Bay Area Tree Specialists Plant Health Care takes tree care to the next level. Insuring proper nutrients to keep your trees in stellar health, with a deep rich vibrant color! We also mange and utilize “Tree Growth Regulators”, known to control those types of beautiful trees that are at the perfect size now, and if allowed to continue to expand in h...

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Bay Area Tree Specialists

541 West Capitol Expressway #287

San Jose, California 95136

United States

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Bay Area Tree Specialists

The Bay Area Tree Specialists are fully committed to protecting your investment. With 21 years of experience, we specialize in all phases of tree maintenance and professional, reliable tree service. W...

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BizX contacted them twice - no response. So, I called them. "We never heard from BizX about you. EMail a photo of the tree to the owner (Richard). I did, he emailed back a few days later with a $700 quote. I told him to call to set up a time for the job to be done. It has been a week - no call.