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Founded in 2015, Christine Rose Coaching & Consulting is a boutique coaching firm in Pierce County helping companies like yours catalyze change to create individual and organizational ROI. We start with business and personal assessments that help small business owners to get clear on where they are now, where they want to go, and design strategies to accelerate individual, team, and company success: • Reduce waste and increase profits • Build effective teams • Re-ignite company culture • Develop adaptability/resilience in change • Clarify vision, mission and values, strategy, accountability Christine Rose Coaching & Consulting offers an ROI guarantee. ROI from coaching pays the program fee or you get a refund. Visit www.christinerose.coach today to learn more.
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Remote Team Coaching

Help your now virtual staff develop into a cohesive, innovative, effective remote team! Google studied 15,000 team members and found the number one characteristic of innovative, effective teams is psy...

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