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Attorney West Seattle is a law firm focused on business and intellectual property law in West Seattle. The firm's mission is to help companies and independent professionals protect and grow their businesses. For more information visit attorneywestseattle.com

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Business Formation Consultation

There are many legal and tax implications depending on the choice of entity chosen for your business. Start your business on a solid foundation with good legal consult and advice. Hourly rate: $250/hr...

Contract Drafting or Review

Contracts: Drafting of clear contracts that protect your rights; review/edits/approval of contracts written by others. Price depends on complexity of business, contact for consultation.

Buy/Sell Agreement and Consultation

Buy/Sell Agreement: Get the right terms to complete a sale or purchase of a business. Price depends on complexity of business, contact for consultation.

Business Legal Issue Consultation

Attorney West Seattle provides you an opportunity to have an attorney represent your interests in the every stage of your business. This includes advice during business formation or buy/sell agreement...

Durable Power of Attorney

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Employee Agreement

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