About Apache Six
Apache Six is a veteran based company with years of knowledge and experience in the security field. We train, recruit and staff security guards, private investigators and executive protection agents for some of the most demanding industries.
Business Categories
Building & Home Services Alarm & Security
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Personal Protection Services

​Apache Six has some of the best trained military contractors around. Some of our staff have been trained by some of today''s elite warriors and government agencies. Personal Protection is a v...

Commercial Security Services

Criminals are always looking for an easy score. If your business or property isn't protected, you're asking to get cleaned out. Our world is changing and sadly there will never be a shortage o...

Private Investigator Services

Everyone has the right to feel safe, period. No one should have to deal with a stalker or domestic abuse. If you need security services or a private investigator to protect you and your family, give u...

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Apache 6

3202 E. Portland Avenue

Tacoma, Washington 98404

United States