About Pegasus Pizza & Pasta
Quality ingredients, quality service equals a quality experience. West Seattle's Pegasus Pizza and Pasta has been on Alki for over 20 years. Coming down to the beach for a great pizza or some delicious pasta is something everyone loves doing. Every seat has a view of the beach and all its activities. Families and large groups welcome.
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Catering by Pegasus Pizza Alki

Pegasus (on Alki) is offering catering on BizX. They are strictly Pizza, Pasta and Salad. Food and drink is BizX.Gratuity and delivery (for longer distance drop offs) is cash. Call Ted to to inquire a...

Pegasus Pizza & Pasta

Pegasus Pizza Catering is a full service West Seattle catering team that will bring a professional, catering experience to your event. Holiday Parties, birthday parties and anniversaries are all great...

Pegasus Pizza & Pasta

2770 Alki Avenue SW

Seattle, Washington 98611

United States