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We help improve lifestyles with various health & fitness services and products and provide personalized clothing and marketing materials for teams and small businesses. We focus on one on one fitness training, but also work with groups, companies with seminars and brown bag lunches, weight loss & weight gain programs, and a variety of nutritional a...

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Destiny Management

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Business & Industrial Business Services
Personality Styles & Communication

Communication & Sales Training – Learn about the different personality styles and key steps for higher close rates.Benefits: By presenting information in the way a person wants to hear it (not how you...

Business & Industrial Beauty & Personal Care
Gyms & Trainers
Strength Training Seminar

Resistance & Flexibility Training – Learn key principles and the individual signals your body tells you to develop the correct training program for you.Benefits: Be able to design a fitness program th...

Business & Industrial Mind-Body Wellness
Destiny Management

Gimmickless Nutrition – Learn how many calories per day you require, how to space those calories to maximize progress, and what ratio of protein, carbohydrate, and fat is correct for your system. Key ...

Health & Beauty Fitness & Exercise
Health & Beauty Fitness & Exercise
Business & Industrial Fitness & Exercise
Business & Industrial Professional Development & Education
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