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HALF PRICE SPECIAL! ADVERTISING HAS CHANGED. No longer can a business get by with just a big phone book ad. And, It’s not enough today to just have a website. One needs to drive traffic to your phone, email and OPTIMIZED website or Landing Page with the latlest, top-rated, external internet marketing - Social Media (Facebook is No.l) and Email is No.2. Traffic is ‘driven’ to your website using Facebook, Twitter, Email and other top external media (including text blasts, Youtube videos, directories linked to your website, etc.) Take advantage of Coupon Country's large network of Facebook, Twitter and Email followers. If you already have a website, Coupon Country can set up an OPTIMIZED ‘LANDING PAGE’ which will link to your website, driving traffic you've been missing. You don’t necessarily have to have your own Facebook or Twitter or even email as Coupon Country will send traffic from our large following of(posts), Email blasts, Text blasts, Videos, etc. In our '10-in-1 Marketing Package' or 'SALES TRAFFIC FUNNEL' we handle all the top, new marketing platforms to cost-effectively target market to your business. No longer cost- effective are the expensive phone book ads and direct mail. Now your coupon becomes the centerpiece of your new always-working, optimized webpage/landing page and traffic funnel always working for you in the background ... Coupon Country will also show you how to set up a 'squeeze page' to build and collect new email leads with our '10-in-1 Marketing Package' for only $194 a month - full trade of course. What better way to spend your trade dollars than to get CASH CUSTOMERS? CALL TODAY 925-284-7168 - GET BUSINESS TOMORROW! http://www.CouponCountry.com http://BestAdvertising.BayAreaMarketing.info http://MarketingAdverting.us

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We handle all the top, new marketing platforms to cost-effectively target market to your business. First we build an optimized landing page using common but undervalued keywords that people would sear...

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