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Located in San Diego, California, Right Path Physical therapy is a concierge physical therapy company providing high-end therapy at your home, on the golf course, or at your gym. Our therapists come to you--providing a truly unique, boutique physical therapy experience unlike anything you've tried before.

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We are leading the way in research-based treatment that empowers the patient towards improvements in pain and well-being. Most daily aches and pains are preventable. This is our specialty & we are...

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Jason Bird is the best therapist I have yet to find to help me with the debilitating issue of a ruptured Achilles tendon. In 2 weeks, he provided more relief in 2 weeks than acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and other physical therapists provided in 2 years. I've already personally recommended him to others and passed on his teachings to me when it could help others. Highly recommendable!

BEST physical therapist I've ever seen!!! Jason is an outstanding physical therapist; and I have seen a LOT of practitioners! I use my body to make my living and I have explored nearly every modality of healing arts to deal with my particular issue. Within 90 minutes Jason was clearly able to identify my issues AND the proper exercises and practices to lead me to healing. After dealing with a recent issue for months, and an older issue for years; he has helped lower my pain, increase my strength and flexibility and put me on a path to healing within one week! I am immensely thankful for his professionalism, reliability, expertise as well as his ability to make house calls. Highly recommendable! Thank you Jason!!!