About Lowell's Restaurant and Bar

Lowell’s Restaurant & Bar has been serving the public for close to 100 years. In the early 1900′s Lowell’s was a combination coffee roaster, peanut roaster and cafeteria that served the citizens of the Seattle when they visited the “Public Market” to purchase fresh farm produce, seafood and dairy goods. The “flagship” Manning’s Cafeteria, then became Lowell’s in 1957, and has remained so ever since.

Lowell's Restaurant & Bar

1519 Pike Place

Seattle, Washington 98101-0000

United States

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I had the Grilled Fresh Wild King Salmon Filet with Tartar sauce on grilled Telera bun with tomato slices, Arcadian fild greens and house pickled red onions which was quickly served to me. You can sit by the window and enjoy the view of the sound. Parking can be a challenge as they are in the Pike Place Market so go in the evenings, Sundays, or when you have to talk the bus anyway. Bring a shopping bag to get fresh vegetables.