About Murrieta Optometry

Murrieta Optometry is the premier eye care clinic in the Tri-Valley. Murrieta Optometry was founded in 1969 by Dr. Marshall Kamena, and has expanded twice, most recently in 2006. We are known for our expert doctors, friendly staff, modern diagnostic equipment, and extensive glasses frame collection. You are able to use BizX dollars for most services at Murrieta Optometry. We do NOT offer prescription contact lenses and ready to wear ( non prescription) sunglasses through BizX. Thank you.

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Murrieta Optometry

1171 Murrieta Blvd

Suite 100

Livermore, California 94550

United States

Murrieta Optometry

WELCOME TO MURRIETA OPTOMETRY YOUR OPTOMETRIST IN THE TRI-VALLEY From comprehensive eye exams to disease management, this East Bay vision center is a safe and affordable place for vision correction an...

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