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Quality Carpets and Flooring has you covered for all of your carpet and flooring needs. Based out of Oakland, and owned by Haddish Youhannes, Quality Carpets and Flooring can do everything from textured saxony solution to luxurious solution dyed continuous with filament polyester & laminate needs.

100% trade: -Textured saxony solution dyed heavy polyester - $3.75 sq. ft2 - Berber solution dyed bleach resistant polyester - $4.85 sq. ft3 - Luxurious solution dyed continuous filament polyester - $6.85 sq. ft Laminate - 8.3mm 7.5" wide plank. 4 side waxed / spill resistant - $1.45 sq. ft *Can do up to $3,000 BizX. Also charges for cash if not in 25 mile radius of Oakland. Labor in cash.

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