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Totally green & non-toxic to humans & the environment, electrolyzed water reverts right back to PLAIN WATER after usage! PH LEVELS FOR USAGE

1. WATER FOR SANITIZING: PH 2.4- 2.9 (Strong Acidic) Hand Sanitizer Wash produce and meat (kills H1N1, E Coli, Salmonella, and much more) Lengthens the shelf life of your produce, including organic. Sanitize counters and food prep equipment. Kills oral bacteria (use with Alkaline for best results.) Great first aid for burns, cuts, wounds, athlete's foot & more

2. WATER FOR BEAUTY: Tighten pores and tone Smooth skin tone (PH 4.5-6.5). Exfoliate & smooth wrinkles and scars.

3. WATER FOR HEALTH (PH 8.5 - 10.5) Hydrate & Detox.

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