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Champion of Roses Design by Authority

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Signature: Butterfly Insignia and initialed by the artist.
Edition: 11/50
Year: 2018
Medium: Digital Pigment Print on Wood
11h x 14w in. unframed
26h x 28w in. framed
Price: $2,700
Inventory Name: DBA0818PP12_011

This dye Infused wood pigment print on maple wood is part of a series themed after two classic Archetypes; “The Trickster” and “The Champion”. The Preface: There were two brothers born into a family of bullfighters that compete against one another in a special bullfighting match. Considered a performance art, these matador de toros, (lit. “killer of bulls”) are arch enemies possessing opposite style and personality based upon two different archetypes. The Story: Roses suspended in air surround this acrobatic Matador. Known as the people's champion, the Matador dodges the bull and rises above him using a poll. Living with the spirit instead of the senses, to him bullfighting is a pathway that leads to freedom and responsibility. Possessing great agility, grace, and coordination he finishes another win with a standing ovation. He addresses the audience; “Bullfighting is a personal sport for me, I seek to literally suspend my heart in the midpoint between my Ego and Spirit.”


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