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Dessins 1941: Plate 6 Henri Matisse

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Signature: Signed in the print
Edition: 376/500
Year: 1941
Medium: Offset Lithograph
6h x 8w in unframed
20h x 22w framed
Price: $995
Inventory Name: MAT0718L09

Matisse considered his drawing to be a very intimate means of expression. The method of artistic execution — whether it was charcoal, pencil, crayon, etcher’s burin, lithographic tusche, or paper cut-outs. His favorite subjects were evocative or erotic — the female form, the nude figure, or a beautiful head of a favorite model. Other themes related to the real or imagined world of both Oceania and the Caribbean — the lagoons, the coral, and the faces of beautiful women from these far-off lands. Still, other subjects were inspired by classical mythology. Matisse was also involved with printmaking for more than fifty years. From 1900 until his death in 1954 he completed more than eight hundred intaglios, lithographs, woodcuts, linoleum cuts, and monotypes. His attitude toward printmaking was a somewhat unconventional one in that for him it was a personal process, an extension of drawing, and a means of unwinding after long and intense periods of painting.


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This piece from 1957 is signed and dated in crayon.
Medium: Lithograph
Catalog Reference: Guarro paper
Edition No.: 96/226


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