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Revitalizing the Heart System:Heart/Small Intestine/blood Vessels/Heart Emotions

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Please join us on Sat, 6/13, from 12-4PM, with Master Mu. She will teach "Qi Gong for Revitalizing the Heart System to Help You Heal the Heart/Small Intestine, Blood, Blood Vessels, Tongue, & Emotions of the Heart.” Benefits include: improved memory; quicker & clearer. Thinking; more love & compassion for yourself & others; greater presence of mind with Enhanced Awareness; more effective small intestine; stronger & more stable heart; a more symmetrical & attractive Face; more emotionally expressive & alive; enhanced wisdom & better discernment; reactivation of your heart's natural intuitive ability; restoring your heart's healthy state: peace, joy, & gratitude; healthier blood vessels.

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Discounts available for groups of 5 or more.Please contact PureBeautiful Healing Foundation.


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