4 Wheel Drive Electric Power RC Off Road Buggy, Blue 1/10 Scale

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1/10 scale car, with digital turn left, turn right, go forward, backward and stop function. Highest speed about 26 to 28 kilometers per hour (16-17 Mph). With high quality, super power, digital stop function accelerator. Four-wheel drive and different speed design. Frequency: 49 MHZ. Spring shock-absorber system. Superpower with 9.6V nickel-cadmium battery. Silk-screen PVC car cover. All part are made from high quality ABS nylon plastic material. 1/10 Scale 4 Wheel Drive Off Road Buggy. Model: RCC06080. Color: Blue. Remote controlled vehicles/toys have been around for many years and they are always fun to play with or entertain others, does not matter if you are a kid or you are old.

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