2.4 Ghz Electric Power RC Off Road Buggy, Blue 1/32 Scale

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2.4 Ghz control mode, can be played with many players in the same time without interference. 4 Channel. Digital turn left, turn right, go forward, backward and stop function. Forward and backward set up by PWM output step less. Control Distance is above 30 meters (100 Feet). Set up the special protection rings device, the self flip over function makes the car landing correctly. Battery: 3.7V (70mAh) (included). Battery of remote control: 6F22 9V battery (included). 1/32 Scale 2.4 Ghz Electric Power Mini High Speed RC Buggy. Model: RCC06086. Color: Blue Always fun to play with or entertain others, does not matter if you are a kid or you are old.

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