4WD 2.4 Ghz Electric Power High Speed Mini RC Hummer, Silver 1/24 Scale

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Electric Power High Speed Mini 4WD RC Hummer. 20 Km/Hr High Speed (12.5 Mph). 1/24 scale mostly for flat ground indoor/outdoor control. Over 20 meters of control distance (65 Feet). 2.4Ghz remote control radio transmitter. LCD screen transmitter. Proportional control style: Has brake function, speed gear. Functions: 5 channel; forward and backward, turn left, turn right, light, speed up. 4WD, 2.4 Ghz Electric Power High Speed Mini RC Hummer. Model: RCC622112SILVER Color: Silver Always fun to play with or entertain others, does not matter if you are a kid or you are old, toys like this will always be around for fun, entertainment or learning purposes.

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