4WD 2.4 Gh Nitro Powered Vertex 18 CXP Off Road Buggy, Blue 1/10 Scale

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Nitro Gas Powered Vertex 18 CXP Off Road Buggy. Four Wheel Drive. Engine: TaiWan VERTEX 18 CXP. High Torque Servo. Shocks: 4 Oil Filled Aluminum Capped. Chromed Wheel rims 1/10 Scale suitable for indoor and outdoor control. RC control system: 2 CH. 2.4 G Transmitter. Car battery: 4 AA Batteries (Not included) Remote Battery: 8 AA Batteries (Not Included) Starter kit is required but not included, it can be purchased separately. 4WD, 2 CH 2.4 Gh Nitro Gas Powered Vertex Off Road Buggy. Model:RCC94105BLUE Color: Blue.

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