Consulting For All Food Production: Grow Your Business By 33%

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New ingredients... Same menu... Increased clientelle!

CHEF SESSIONS - detailed allergen friendly training for the kitchen and wait staff. Learn what ingredients cause allergic reactions and which new ingredients to buy from your current suppliers, insuring an allergen free meal at every level within your current menu and no disruption to your food production.

With over twenty years of ingredient research, I offer you a better ingredient and simple, easy additions for allergen friendly flavor.

One in three is allergic to something on a menu. Of that two out of three are allergic to more than one item on the meu. Offering an allergen aware staff and a better ingredient, will increased your customer base 33% with a more loyal clientele and you will convert another twenty three percent of your current clientele to a higher margin menu item.

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For refund cancellation must be done 72 hours prior to scheduled Session. Equipment not included.



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