TouchPoints™ Basic 4 Pack

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TouchPoints™ are wearable devices alleviate stress, optimize performance, increase focus, and aid in sleep. TouchPoints™ basic offers the same best-selling BLAST (Bi-Lateral Alternating Stimulation Tactile) technology as TouchPoints™ original but without the need for an app.

TouchPoints™ basic offers three speeds (slow, medium, and fast) and comes in a Graphite Gray. TouchPoints™ can be worn with the included clips on either side of the body or attached to watchbands.

Additional Information

This exclusive 4 pack includes:
Four (4) sets of TouchPoints™ basic (2 individual devices to be worn on each side of the body)
Four (4) sets of charging cables, clips, couplers for attaching watchbands
Four (4) sets of stainless steel mesh watchbands

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