BTSDAIR250BK 8.4 Foot Inflatable Boat in Red or Black

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ALEKO 8.4 Foot Inflatable Boat with Air Floor Deck in Red and Black

Boat Features: a plywood bench seat, (2) aluminum oars, a foot pump, (2) mounted carrying handles, (3) air chambers, carrying/storage bag, inflatable air floors, oar locks and oar holders, a pre-packaged repair kit (glue sold separately), a grab line, a rubber strike

Floor: Air mat; Boat Material: 0.9mm reinforced polyester and anti-corrosive PVC Max Load: 770 pounds; Max Persons: 3 people; Boat Net Weight: 86 pounds; Motor: Can accommodate up to 75 pounds

Dimensions: 8.4 x 4.6 x 1.6 feet; Color: Red and Black

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