HTIR4BRW Round Hot Tub- 210 gallon

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Round hot tub with 210 gallon water capacity; holds up to 4 people Ideal for joint/muscular pain, improved sleep, stress and anxiety relief; also great for parties or personal relaxation Quickly heats up to maximum temperature of 104 degrees; Heat up time: Approximately 3 hours; 33-34°F/h Built in features: 1500 watt (110-120 volt) power pack, 900 watt heater, 600 watt bubbler, 12 Volt AC filter pump (420 gallon capacity); Includes: (1) inflatable hot tub, (1) fitted cover, (1) inflation hose, (1) filter cartridge, (1) filter cartridge cover, (1) ground cloth, and (1) rubber plug Outer dimensions: 71 x 26 inches; inner dimensions: 55 x 26 inches; Color: Brown and white

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