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Woodway 'Mercury' Treadmill

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The Mercury is the perfect space saver, but it still gives you every benefit of the full-size 4Front. Narrower in width, the Mercury will save you floor space and still deliver comfort and natural movement without stress on the joints.

The Mercury is near silent, so users can carry on a conversation or turn the headphones down a notch while running. The Mercury’s running surface provides ample space for users, and, best of all, there is no hood, so you can utilize the full running surface with a completely natural gait pattern.

Robust design Designed to take a pounding so you don’t have to. Our treadmills are rated for 150,000 miles and require less maintenance and less electricity, thereby, reducing your overall operating costs. 40 year legacy The Mercury is our narrowest motorized option. This saves you precious floor space, while still providing the supreme comfort of a WOODWAY slat-belt treadmill. Our design has been used for over 40 years, tested and proven to reduce harmful shock and reduce injury.

Space saving footprint The Mercury is the perfect space saver while still giving you the benefits of the full-size WOODWAY experience. Narrower in width, the Mercury saves floor space and still delivers comfort and natural movement without stress on the joints.


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