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Falkner Winery & Pinnacle Restaurant- $100 Gift Card

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A winery dedicated to producing high quality wines and a tasting room that generates fun and excitement. Based in the South Coast community of Temecula, the Falkner Winery is located near the crest of a 1500-foot hill that offers visitors a spectacular view of the valley below. The gift shop offers unique gifts and food products that allow visitors to purchase lunch and dine on picnic tables located in their grassy, tree lined picnic area.

The Pinnacle Restaurant offers great panoramic views, outstanding Mediterranean style food, and high quality service. The Pinnacle offers customers seating in the air conditioned indoors or on the open-air outdoor balcony. The restaurant also serves as an evening wedding and banquet venue.

The VIP Room is a barrel shaped room. It is separately air controlled, with windows all around to see the Falkner’s barrels and case goods stored in this constant 65 degree. With seating up to 20 people, this is an ideal location for executive outings and small unique parties.

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