Playdate Snack Set

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Tupperware favorites in bright colors make this set a great choice for young children. Tapered, textured Bell Tumblers are sized to fit children’s hands. Sipper Seal® fits tightly over the tumbler rim and helps minimize spillage when tumbler is tipped or dropped. Versatile Ideal Lit’l Bowls are perfect for transporting bite-size cereal, fruit and homemade baby foods. 


  • Pack includes set of four each 8-oz./250 mL Ideal Lit’l Bowls, 7-oz./200 mL Bell Tumblers, Sipper Seal®
  • Domed seals and Hang-On Spoons.
  • In Chili, Prairie, Blue Surf and Sunflower.
  • Dishwasher safe.

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