SCP04 Adjustable Emergency Anti-Skid Snow Chain Belt Yellow Lot of 6

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Ultra lightweight 6 Piece Anti Skid Tire Chain Set designed with anti-skid/anti-slide traction to get out of a stuck position in emergency situations; do not slam breaks, take sharp turns or drive over 25 mph with chains on; stop use if you hear any abnormal sounds or the chains fall off Textured straps are designed to get you safely unstuck from the snow, mud or sand; avoid dry pavement or flat ground uncovered by snow, mud or sand High quality material allows for reuse; simply rinse snow chains with warm water to clean; discontinue use once chains are over 30% worn down Safe to use on standard tires with no damage; adjustable size fits most standard tires with a 6 - 11 inch width Simple installation and easy removal; Bright neon color for visibility

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