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We do not sell or provide insurance for the car. However, if you own a car, your own insurance policy will typically cover rental cars as well but you must verify it with your insurance carrier. Almost all personal auto insurance policies in the USA also cover rental cars without any discrimination.  However, to rent our cars you will need to make sure that your comprehensive coverage is raised to at least $100,000 and up to $250,000 (for the Lambo, Ferrari, and McLaren). Raising the coverage on your existing policy is typically very easy and require just a quick phone call to your agent.Indeed, most of our customers use their own personal auto insurance for the rental. If you run into issues with your insurance agent we can help you straighten it out – we have developed an expertise in the subject. Our experience taught us that many insurance agents are not familiar with the rental car coverage that the policy provides. Some may even tell you that exotic cars are excluded. In almost all cases they would be wrong as the standard insurance policy does not exclude exotic and luxury cars.Raising your comprehensive coverage can take as little as 5 minutes and will cost you about $5 for the duration of the rental (you can reduce back the coverage after the rental). 

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