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• CruZen™ CZ 200 Solar Sound System is a Bluetooth dual 4.5-watt Speaker System 

  • Versatility of speaker fits in most Water Bottle Holders on bikes 
    ( Water Bottle Holder not included and is sold separately )

  • base speaker system with external solar charging capability

  • 10 Minutes of SunShine gets you 30 Minutes of Music

  • Strong Durable Velcro Strap to hold speaker tight on bike or other device.

  • Rubber coated mesh to allow quick and easy play and selection of tunes

  • Great for traveling anywhere with solar powered capabilities

  • First Ever Bluetooth Speaker with Hi Fidelity Sound !

The last Bluetooth Water Resistant, Solar Powered, Speaker System you will ever buy!

  • Warranty: Return 60 Days no questions asked, One Year Product Warranty 

  • Sleek

  • Secure

  • 30 HR BATTERY LIFE ! ( See Comparison Chart Below ) 

  • Universal

  • Light Weight 

  • Water Resistant 

  • Easy to Attach to bike or backpack

  • Shock proof 

  • Call Pick up

  • Built In LED Flashlight with Different Modes

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