It’s All Good Catering: American, Italian, Teriyaki, and Boxed Lunches!

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Our Concept

We take fresh, natural ingredients, organic when it matters, and expertly prepare them to create simple traditional dishes from around the world. We use no preservatives, trans fats or lard, the way it should be!


  • American Menu: Options include BBQ Sluiders, Burger Bar, Southwestern Salad Bar, and sides
  • Mexican Menu: Options include Taco Bar, Enchilada Bar, Burrito Bar and sides 
  • Italian Menu: Options include Classic Caesar Salad, Lasagna, Pasta Bar, Baked Ziti and sides 
  • Teriyaki Menu: Standard Teriyaki Menu, Gyozas, Spring Rolls, Stir-fried Veggies 

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