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Chinese traditional calligraphy is not only handwriting, but is an unique art. It is a visible manifestation of Chinese culture. It is also relevant to history even philosophy. These black and white lines have magical charm. There is an old saying in China: Words like People. It means the handwriting of different people shows different personality characteristics. If you want to learn more about Chinese culture, It is a good way to start with calligraphy. Calligraphy has sound, shape and meaning. Learning from calligraphy can increase children’s interest in learning Chinese. For adults, learning calligraphy can comprehend the core content of Chinese culture. Also, practicing calligraphy is a pleasant progress that help you relax physically and mentally.

Practicing calligraphy will help you know the conventions and the regulations of Chinese characters, then you will write a very good Chinese. I brought Rice paper, writing brushes and other tools from China for teaching and practicing calligraphy, so it is very convenient for you to study following me.

For kids, I will interest them by drawing a pictograph at the beginning, and teaching them from play. If you are a high level learner, I can help you gain a deeper and novel understanding of Chinese culture.

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