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My teaching philosophy is that I am very patient with my students when learning topics such as math or physics.  This is because math and physics need full concentration and must be approached slowly and carefully.  

My method of tutoring is to ascertain the concept where the student is stuck.  I then slowly and carefully review and study the concept with the student and work several problems.  This is where students have an “ah-ha” moment when they finally understand the concept where they got lost.  We can then progress, because the student has much more confidence.  However, I believe tutoring is not about giving answers, but, instead, understanding my students’ needs and acting as a compass to directing them on the right path.

I teach students concepts and help them with the problems they are having, but just as importantly, I give them insight into how the problem applies to real-life. This is very important for future success. I also teach study skills which are extremely important in the study of mathematics.  It is essential for a student to know that there are several ways of approaching a problem.

Your first meeting with a StudentCircle tutor always is free. During this first consultation, you get a chance to meet your tutor and ensure a good fit.

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