Angara Maximus 6 Person Social BBQ

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Angara Maximus 6 Person

The Angara Maximus patio dining table is no ordinary piece of outdoor furniture. Its beautiful modern design includes a gas barbecue grill, or three, each delivering 15,000 BTU of searing heat.

Furniture Hardwood: Made in Exotic Tigerwood (Goncalo Alves Hardwood). Goncalo Alves, imported from Latin America. Thanks to its dramatic, natural stripes, it is more commonly known as Tigerwood.

Maintenance: Relatively low maintenance. The cooking and briquette grates and the grease trays are dishwasher safe, making cleaning after an evening of grilling a cinch.

Warranty: 5 Year Comprehensive Warranty on the furniture and cooking chassis

This base model has many upgrades, customizations and add-ons available

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