Freeze-Dried Sirloin Steaks

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Military Surplus UNCOOKED Freeze-Dried Top Sirloin Steaks

List price is $180.00, Normal Retail Prices is $129-139

Selling for $99 a can.

These are the same cans being sold online. They were bought as part of a group buy last year and are extras. I'm keeping some for my own use and offering the extras here. I have opened a can and while the steaks are not quite the same as fresh, they are pretty close. More info can be found here:

These Freeze-Dried Sirloin Steaks average between 3/4 and 1 inch thick and are 5 to 6 inches across. The meat comes from the sirloin round area. This type of steak is leaner and full of rich flavor. There is the right amount of fat marbling with this cut, and they are gourmet trimmed so there is no excess fat on the outside. All cans were sealed in an oxygen/moisture free environment. Each can weighs 15 oz and contains between 10 and 11 Steaks.

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I can ship if necessary but it would be at the buyers expense.


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