Freeze-Dried Top Round Beef Cubes

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Military Surplus UNCOOKED Freeze-Dried Top Round Beef cubes

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Selling for $89.99 a can.

These are the same cans being sold online. They were bought as part of a group buy last year and are extras. I'm keeping some for my own use and offering the extras here. I have opened a can and they are basically standand beef cudes just like stew meat. More info can be found here:

These Freeze Dried Beef Cubes average between 2 by 1-1/2 inches, but sizes do vary a little. This meat is USDA Choice grade top round. This meat is hand cut and blade tenderized prior to freeze drying. These cubes are gourmet trimmed so you are not paying for a lot of fat! They are guaranteed to impress you and your family with their exceptional taste and texture. These beef cubes can be used for stews, soups, kebabs, goulash, sheppard pies, chili, burritos, tacos, and many other recipes. You can cook them on the grill, frying pan, crock pot, or anywhere else where you would cook beef cubes. 

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