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Freeze-Dried Hamburger Patties

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Military Surplus UNCOOKED Freeze-Dried Beef Patties

List price is $119.99, Normal Retail Prices is $99.00

Selling for $75.00 a can.

These are the same cans being sold online. They were bought as part of a group buy last year and are extras. I'm keeping some for my own use and offering the extras here.
More info can be found here:

These Freeze Dried/Uncooked hamburger patties are a whopping 1/2 in thick. All cans were sealed in an oxygen/moisture free environment.
-15-16 Patties per Can
-U.S. Gov't/Military Surplus
-25+ year shelf life

This freeze dried products is raw and does require cooking after rehydrating. Rehydrate patties as soon as can is opened. Use enough lukewarm(90-100F) salted water to cover the meat. Handle patties carefully as they break easily.

Soak 20-30 mins or until patties are moistened and fully reconsituted. If any hard spots are felt, soak 5-10 minutes longer. Longer soaking is recommended based on past experience.

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I can ship if necessary but it would be at the buyers expense. 


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