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Want to show your products and services in a beautiful and interactive way? Want to increase your game at trade shows and events? Do you give 'in home' sales presentations? 

FlowVella is the interactive presentation app that is used by big and small companies like Dolby, Kerrygold and hundreds more to tell their product story.

FlowVella is available as an iPad app, an iPhone app and Mac app but all presentations are abled to be viewed on the web. 

FlowVella's apps work offline, you do not need an Internet connection to present, either out in the field or at a tradeshow. Show off videos and PDFs anytime, anywhere, with or without Internet.

You will get the FlowVella PRO yearly account for only 250 BizX. The PRO account comes with ability to create and manage teams, unlimited presentations, kiosk mode and much more.




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