Think Twice Single-Use Breathalyzer

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A box of Think Twice Single-Use Breathalyzers includes 30 individually packaged units. Shipping paid for in cash and an exact quote will be provided after your order has been processed.

The concept is simple; If breathalyzers are used by law enforcement to arrest people after they drive away from a private party, restaurant, bar or any other event that involves alcohol, it makes sense to offer the public an easy way to understand when they should not drive. If single-use breathalyzers are widely available we can begin to educate people about the difference between intoxication and breath-alcohol-content (BAC).

Any level of alcohol can result in a DUI arrest. The most important factor is "visible impairment" for a police officer and it is the responsibility of each driver to know their BAC number. For some, 0.05% BAC is thier do not drive number, for others it may be 0.08% BAC. The Think Twice single-use breathalyzer provides 4 level results for this reason.

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