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If you're working around a lot of ultrafine particles like ash or dust, a regular vacuum cleaner might not get the job done. ALEKO's ash vacuum is made specifically for these situations, so if you need to clean an ashy oven, ALEKO will be just what you're looking for.

The body of ALEKO's vacuum is made with a steel dust canister and an aluminum hose, so it can handle warm materials like ash where typical plastic-body vacuums might fall short. Materials being vacuumed should be under 104 degrees Fahrenheit; do not vacuum up embers or ultra hot materials. The strong 14 kPa suction power and super absorbent HEPA filter provide an exceptional cleaning experience, even for high dust and ash areas like an oven, fireplace, or barbecue grill. Don't struggle with a traditional vacuum when you need the safety, power, and reliability of ALEKO's ash vacuum!

Technical Specs: 60 Hz frequency; 7.5A rated current; 120V AC; 3.3 foot hose; 14 kPa suction power.

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