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ALEKO’s Ergonomic Tufted Luxury Office Chair combines an exquisitely chic style with a comfortably practical design. Thoroughly padded and PU upholstered, this seat is not only soft and comfortable but also supports the frame perfectly. The height can be easily adjusted to suit your needs. With a built-in tension tilt mechanism, this chair can also recline up to 120 Degrees. For a wider range of motion, simply rotate the chair a full 360 degrees. This chair features black caster wheels which not only increase the safety and stability of the chair, but also make rolling the chair from one location to another easy. Padded armrests ensure maximum relief and comfort for your extremities. The armrests can be adjusted based on personal preference. The metallic-like silver sheen of this chair is perfect for adding an allure of elegance to any space. Assembly is quick and straightforward.

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