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Dozens of website entrees and Facebook Postings & More to reach your potential customers. We can either post your artilcles reflecting your business expertise or we can ghost write what you need.

We own numerous websites up and down I-5 and around the Puget Sound area. We also control 200+ Facebook pages. In addition to our own pages, we are adept at connecting with people via groups and incidental FB subject pages. We are published authors of three books on small business susccess and have have written over a thousand articles. We also have a background in video production. We've had four local television programs (both cable and broadcast) on the air as well as documentaries.

$250 for each month of marketing.

Additional Information

Our services are based on $50 per hour and and figured at approximately five hours a month. During the month we would coordinate with the client about their reach and direction. At the end of each month we would provide stats and bill for the next month. If you require video production services we are happy to provide affordable bids for quality spots on TV and YoutTube. Our services can be terminated at the end of the next month with notice given during the previous month.

We are currently working on a Portland political campaign, a Kentucky campaign, a North Carolina campaign, a Texas campaign, and an Arizona campaign.

We post headline articles, create posts, and connect with other people and media.




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