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Zoka’s star logo represents new beginnings and regrowth. The coffee tree itself requires a dramatic pruning after 15 years of production to regenerate and continue to thrive, which remains to be the core of Zoka’s mission in their partnerships around the globe. Price isted is per pound, minimum order of 5Ibs.

Espresso Paladino - citrus, chocolate - $9.00

Fitzroy's - baker's chocolate, sweet molasses - $9.00

Hidden City - molasses, pecan, finish in bergamot and caramel - $9.00

Organic Espresso Cuatro - sweet, cocoa, graham cracker - $9.00

Organic Tatoosh - strawberry, dark cocoa, buttery mouth feel - $9.50

Tangletown - light orange citrus, black cherry, sweet sparkling acidity - $9.00

Tuscan - sweet, dark chocolate, smoky strawberry flambe - $9.00

Organic Zoka Java - orange citrus, sweet finish - $9.50

Decaf Espresso Paladino- orange peel, brown sugar, full body

Decaf Hidden City- molasses, pecan, and finish in bergamot and caramel

Decaf Organic Espresso Cuatro- sweet, cocoa, graham cracker

Decaf Tangletown- light body, sweet lemongrass, soft finish

Decaf Organic Zoka Java- orange citrus, sweet, lingering finish, moderate acidity

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Prices Reflect 5lb Bag prices (5lb order minimum)


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