KSA120 - COASTS Steam Generator for Steam Saunas - KS200A Controller - 12KW - 240V

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Reliable. Economic. Durable. Those are the streamlines of our stainless sauna steamer generators. COASTS steamers have continuously evolved to give you the best sauna experience. Each steamer has its own characteristics that are fine-tuned to your sauna bathing desires. With safety and brilliance, COASTS steam generators possess faster heating capability and energy saving features. Each steamer comes with a digital controller for easy access and comfortable control of your heater.


  • Steady performance and convenient installation. Instruction and manual included in each package and model. Please follow carefully to avoid dangerous risks.
  • KSA120 is heated by 6 of 2.0 KW heating elements. Controlling time range is 1 to 60 minutes and controlling temperature range is 95 to 131 Fahrenheit. Automatic Drain.
  • May help relax tense muscles and stimulate blood circulation for warm and cold weather.
  • Power: 12 KW. Volts: 220-240V 2 phase wiring, 60Hz. Comes with a KS-200A controller.

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