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Use BizX to grow CASH sales with an ad in Hometown Values savings magazine.

We have 12 Puget Sound editions to select from.   Each edition mails to 15,000 to 30,000 homes quarterly.   We will custom build your ad, handle all the printing and mailing logistics to help promote your business.   No tax on direct mail.  Great way to conserve cash and MARKET your business to increase local visibility and grow sales.  Visit www.myhometownvalues.com and select the 'Advertise/Contact Us' tab near the top to contact the local Area Publisher in your market or contact me for more details: Jim Lee 206 261-0752 [email protected]   

The best part is the price!  If you design, print and mail your own postcard or letter, you incure ALL the costs.  However, ALL the merchants/advertisers in Hometown Values SHARE those costs.   We can design, print and mail a full color ad for 3-5 cents BizX per home!!   Use Bizx to grow cash customers.......contact us today.   

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No fine print and no hidden costs!   I was BizX member #52 in the early days so we enjoy helping this community!


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