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Autumn Serum Complex

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Autumn Serum Complex™ is an iBio one of our Seasonal Skincare products that are highly concentrated with 35.80% active ingredients. 100% of the products are usable by the skin and will absorb without leaving any residue if following the suggested amount. With proper use should last for three months

Specially formulated for autumn use, this intensely nourishing treatment helps repair summer-induced damage and visibly correct signs of photo-ageing. Proprietary, globally-sourced Seasonal Actives™ help improves skin’s tone, texture, and overall resilience while preparing it for the dry and cold months ahead.

  • Builds a resistance barrier to ward off the elements
  • Comforts soothe and re-densifies thin and fragile skin
  • Restores skin vibrancy and reduces skin matrix degradation by extending telomeres
  • Helps prevent and reduces the premature lines, wrinkles and sagging


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