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Winter Serum Complex

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Winter Serum Complex™ is an iBio one of our Seasonal Skincare products that are highly concentrated with 43.40% active ingredients. Ideal for use during winter sports as it builds the resilience of the skin to cold and wind while giving gently tan.  100% of the product is usable by the skin and will absorb without leaving any residue if following the suggested amount. With proper use should last for three months.

Specially formulated for winter use, this hydrating treatment provides 24-hour comfort and protection from seasonal environmental stressors like extreme cold and artificial indoor heat. Proprietary Seasonal Actives™ sourced from Antarctica help improve skin’s hydration capacity and overall well-being while preventing premature ageing.

  • Promotes optimal moisture retention within skin cells
  • Boosts radiance and cell resilience through increased collagen synthesis
  • Helps prevent and reduce the appearance of premature lines, wrinkles and sagging
  • Enhances cellular rejuvenation and restores skin’s vibrancy
  • Strengthens the outer layer of the skin


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