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Vegas Cloud Drive.."The Everywhere. Anything Cloud"

  1. Dedicated Video and Media Streaming Drive with unlimited users
  2. Sync and Backup Unlimited Computers and Users
  3. Create your own Private Video Media Cloud 
  4. Embed Videos to Websites
  5. Share on Social Media
  6. Create Private folders for clients to send and download files

Endless Possibilities

  • No Dropbox like Application Needed to View Files 
  • Sahre files via Direct Email from your drive
  • Allow Clients, Family and Frieds to uploads files and videos directly to folders you create for them
  • Showcase a Clients work for approval or purhase


Additional Information

New Custom Private Cloud Streaming Drive

Drive Sizes:

  • 20 TB/ 30 TB Bandwidth
  • 30 TB Drive/ 30 TB Bandwidth
  • 40 TB Drive/ 90 TB Bandwidth
  • 50 TB Drive/ 90 TB Bandwidth
  • 100 TB Drive/ 150 TB Bandwidth

Unlimited Users-

Snyc and Banckup Technologies

Stream Media from Any Device with Internet


Best Uses-

  • Businesses with Multiple Users (Especially Remote Sales Agents or Staff)
  • Groups (Communities and Groups) Share files, experiences, more
  • Families (Video Albums, Photo Galleries, memories)
  • Websites (Stream your own videos)
  • Social Media Sharing


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