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Zephyros - 3 Layer Ventilated Beekeeping Jacket with 2 veils Round & Fencing - Stay Cool & Protected

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Never Be Stung Again and Feel Invincible Against Sting

๐Ÿ The three-layer ventilated jackets are the safest beekeeping jackets as it is almost impossible to get stung through them when worn properly.
๐Ÿ›ก๏ธ The reason they are so good is that they use three layers of meshed fabric to provide protection and to keep you cool.
๐Ÿ‘” This is because the depth of the 3 fabric layers when used together creates a 5mm gap which prevents a bee stings from reaching your skin.
โ„๏ธ The meshed fabric also keeps you cool and comfortable by allowing your body’s heat to escape by allowing air the flow through the jacket.

This jacket's ventilated mesh has varying holes sizes. The outer mesh holes are very small to prevent a bees’ abdomen from getting through and their tiny legs getting caught on any lose fibers. The larger holes in the second layer improve airflow and the durable inner mesh increases the robustness and longevity of the jacket.

Will Stop Bee, Wasp, and Even European Hornet Stings!
These three layers combined make this jacket incredibly breathable and sting proof. This jacket will even stop stings if you get it wet, making this the safest and most comfortable jacket we have ever produced.

This jacket comes with two non-flammable veils. One fencing and one round, so whatever your preference you will always have your preferred choice and a spare.


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